Quamar Q50 Commercial Grade Stepped, Doserless, Electronic Grinder

Brand: Quamar
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Type: Coffee Grinders

Brand: Quamar

Quamar Q50 Commercial Grade Stepped, Doserless, Electronic Grinder Reviews

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  • Someone put a password by mistake and i cant get in to the menu of the q13 grinder!How can i reset it please?thanks for the help

    From the Q13 manual:

    PASSWORD SET-UP – Set the password for the MENU to be
    used. The password is numeric and consists of five definable
    digits from 0 to 9. Press "MENU" for 3 seconds to access the
    programming menu; press the "+" or "-" button to scroll the
    menu until "PASSWORD SET-UP" is reached: select it by
    pressing "OK". Set the password as follows: use the "+" and "-"
    keys to scroll the desired number. Press "MAN" to move to the
    next digit. Once the password has been defined, press "OK" to
    confirm and exit. Press "ESC" to exit the menu.

    OPTION PASSWORD - Enables or disables the password to
    access the "MENU".
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  The default password is 12345.

    Hope this helps

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