LUCCA A53 Dual Boiler, Direct Plumb, Rotary Pump Espresso Machine

Brand: LUCCA
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Type: Commercial Machines

Brand: LUCCA

LUCCA A53 Dual Boiler, Direct Plumb, Rotary Pump Espresso Machine Reviews


Ask a Question
  • How many seconds does it take to pull a standard shot, and how long does it take to set up?

    We are not sure we understand your question.  It depends upon many factors including bean type, grinder settings, tamp pressure, and dosage.  A standard shot is 7 ounces of finely ground coffee under nine bar pressure for 25-30 seconds.  If the coffee beans are dialed in correctly, and the clock starts when the single shot button is pushed, you'd get a drinkable shot in 30 seconds or less.  If you are asking about workflow (set up) time, it is a different answer for each barista.

  • What does the boiler button do? What do the 3 buttons around the 'boiler' do? The top one on our machine isn't working and I was told it's very important that it works to get a cup of coffee.

    From the picture, you can see the control panel.  The top button on the right is the hot water button.  This will open the hot water valve to deliver hot water through the machine tap.  The button on the bottom is the steam boiler button.  The boiler light will start flashing when the boiler is heating until it reaches its set temperature, and the light will stop flashing.  Holding down the boiler button for five seconds will turn off the steam boiler, turning its light off. Holding the boiler button down for five seconds while the light is off will turn the steam boiler back on and turn the boiler light on.
    Both buttons are used in programming mode to set the temperature of the brew boiler and the steam boiler.  In programming mode, tapping the hot water button will bring the brew boiler target temperature up by one degree Celsius, as reflected by the number lit on the display. The Temperature can be increased to 97°C. Increasing it past 97°C will bring the temperature back down to the lowest temperature, 91°C.
    To get a cup of coffee, you would use the single or double dose buttons on the left.  

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