Lelit Mara X – Smart Heat Exchanger (PL62X)

Brand: Lelit
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Lelit Mara X – Smart Heat Exchanger (PL62X) Reviews

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  • My Mara X machine quickly goes from the warm-up setting to stand-by. It is taking ~24 minutes to warm up, which matches what is printed in the instructions. Six minutes later, the machine is shifting to standby mode. If I want to make coffee, it has to warm up again. So there is a 6 minute window to make a cup. Is there a setting or an adjustment that can be made to fix the problem?

    The machine is set at the factory with economy mode enabled. Here is the procedure to disable it: The machine can either stay on full time or go into economy mode after 30 minutes. To switch between these, turn the machine off, lift the E61 lever and turn the machine on. When the power light starts flashing, the mode has been changed. Turn the machine back off, lower the E61 lever and run as usual.

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