Lelit Kate (PL82T) - Espresso Machine with Built-in Grinder

Brand: Lelit
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Lelit Kate (PL82T) - Espresso Machine with Built-in Grinder Reviews

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  • Is the hopper for the Lelit Kate removable? How does one change the beans or remove them? Is there a lock to keep them from falling out if hopper is removed?

    The  bean hopper is secured with 4 screws. Only ways to remove the beans are   a) Vacuum out the beans,
              or b) Grind all the remaining beans,
              or c) Unplug machine from electrical outlet, remove water reservoir, remove drip tray and cover, and allow machine to cool down. Remove top bean cover and tilt machine to manually remove the beans.   Please note that most bean hoppers are secured to avoid damage and injury while in use.  

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