Lelit Bianca V2 - Dual Boiler, PID, Switchable, Manual Pressure Profiling

Brand: Lelit
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Lelit Bianca V2 - Dual Boiler, PID, Switchable, Manual Pressure Profiling Reviews

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  • On my Bianca the pump pressure is set exactly to ten bar but with blind filter the head pressure shows 11.5 bar when fully open. Is this normal or is there any problem? Thank you.

    A difference of 1-1.5 Bar between the pump pressure gauge and the coffee group pressure gauge is normal in the Bianca machines.   The pressure gauge on the panel shows the value of the delivery pressure of the rotary pump before the gicleur.  Whereas the pressure gauge on the group shows the pressure on the coffee puck, which is also influenced by the expansion that occurs in the coffee boiler. So, during the coffee extraction, we suggest you pay attention to the reading on the group pressure gauge. 

  • Can you tell me the footprint for the L’élit Bianca without the water tank? I’m quite amazed that nobody thought of the detachable water reservoir before, especially since plumbing is often the best water solution.

    Yes, the moveable and detachable water tank is a nice innovation on the part of the Lelit engineers.  The dimensions of the machine without the water tank are:  Height=15.8 inches; Length=11.5 inches; Depth=15.8 inches.  

  • Can you set timer on the start up time . Or you have to physically button turn on to warm up the machine ? Thanks

    Yes, you can use a programmable WiFi smart plug like the Wemo to have your machine turn on at set times during the day. It cannot be done via the LCC (PID).

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