Lelit Anna Espresso Machine - PL41TEM

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Lelit Anna Espresso Machine - PL41TEM Reviews

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  • Does this machine have pre-infusion?

    There is no user-controled pre-infusion, however, since the vibration pump takes up to eight seconds to reach full pressure, the coffee grounds are soaking during that time.

  • What is the maximum cup height you can fit under the portafilter?

    The distance from the drip tray to the portafilter spout is approximately 3.25 inches.

  • What is the quality of milk frothing with this unit. I have concern the the tip of frother has only 1 hole and from what I have , seen most others have at least 2.

    Milk frothing is another art to be mastered. The science of steam production and its interaction with cold fluids is known. Steam tips come in all sorts of variations. They vary by the number of holes (1, 2, 3, or 4) and the holes vary in diameter. How well they steam milk on a machine depends on the steam power of the machine, the number and size of the holes, the size of the pitcher you're using, and how much milk you steam at a time. As long as the total hole area is small enough to let the boiler flow adequate volumes of steam at the desired pressure, you can steam forever. The volume it will sustain is proportional to the total cross sectional area of the holes in the tip. Since steam production in the boiler and output at the wand tip are very important, and was probably a main consideration when Lelit selected the best tip for the machine. Smaller home machines tend to come with 1 hole tips and take longer to steam the same volume of milk than bigger machines (HX or DBs) with 4 hole tips. Therefore, you will have to adjust your steam tip positioning and technique while steaming to compensate for the equipment on this machine.  Keep in mind that mastering the art of steaming milk takes a long time and a lot of practice no matter which machine and steam tip is used.

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