Lelit Anna Espresso Machine - PL41EM

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Lelit Anna Espresso Machine - PL41EM Reviews

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  • What kind of maintenance is recommended for the Pl141EM?

    1.  Every 6-12 months, replace the grouphead gasket and dispersion screen (or clean the screen very well).
    2.  Backflush every 50 espresso extractions with detergent using a 57mm blind filter.
    3.  Recharge the optional water softener every 2 weeks and replace it every 6 months.

  • Where are Lelit espresso machines made?

    All Lelit machines are designed and produced in Brescia, Italy outside of Milan.

  • I just received my Lellit Anna PL41EM and removed it from the box. It's in perfect condition, however, it's missing the power cord! Can you send another cord?

    Please look inside the drip tray.  When we ship your machine, we make sure that any loose items are held in place so as to minimize any damage during shipping.  The cord fit, so we place it inside eliminating the need for extra packaging.

  • Why does coffee come out so slow. Just drips

    There are many procedures that go into making great espresso like dose, distribution and tamping. If all of these are done correctly, you may be grinding your beans too fine and are choking the machine. In other words, the pressurized water cannot flow through the coffee grinds easily. Not knowing the exact grider you have, you should start by using a courser setting on your grinder using small steps, tasting after each adjustment. The coffee should eventually start to flow more evenly. I suggest you review a how-to-guide like the one that appears in Coffee Geek

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