ECM Germany Barista Commercial Espresso Machine

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  • I would like to connect my ECM Barista machine directly to the water supply and suspend use of the tank. Could you please let me know what accessories I need and provide me some instructions for the installation. Thanks

    Thanks for contacting us.  

    Hooking up your machine to a water supply should be fairly easy.  After hooking up the water line (included with your machine) to your machine, all you need to do is activate the switch located behind the drip tray on the left side. Turn to the “1” position.  However, there is a part that is needed before you can hook up the braided hose to your water supply.  The stainless steel braided hoses from Europe (1/8"F-3/8" 160 cm)  usually have a BSPP female connection. A special adapter is needed (3/8 BSPP to 3/8 Standard Adapter Flare Fitting).  You can order it online for $6.95 or check with a local plumbing supply house.  

    The only other issue is your water pressure.  ECM wants 22-24 psi.  After you hook up your water line, take a look at the pressure valve on the right front of the machine to make sure it is shows no pressure when the unit is off.  If it reads anything else, you will need a pressure regulator. Based on different states with different code requirements, it is best to purchase one from your local plumbing supply house.

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