About Us

Thanks for stopping by Total Espresso and allowing us to share our passion for coffee with you.  

Growing up in the south, a hot cup of coffee was always part of daily life. When family or friends stopped by, we would gather around the kitchen table with a pot of coffee to share. Refills would flow as the conversations went on. Cafe Au Lait was the drink of choice in our home.

While traveling throughout Europe, and especially Italy, we fell in love with Espresso. While “American” coffee could be found at many restaurants, Espresso bars were abundant. We began to look forward to our next “shot” of espresso and frequently took a break from our sightseeing to duck into an espresso bar. When we returned home, we purchased our first espresso machine. As our love of espresso grew, we decided that we wanted to share the espresso experience with others by providing the opportunity to purchase high quality machines to make the perfect shot bursting with flavor. We believe that you shouldn't have to travel to your favorite coffee shop or Italy to experience the full-bodied richness of espresso, but should be able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or office anytime you wish.

We are a family owned and operated online retailer located in Southeastern Louisiana where you can purchase Espresso Machines from around the world. Because we want to be your trusted partner for all of your coffee-making needs, we work with top brands and suppliers in the industry to bring you only the best in quality, functionality and durability with top-rated customer service.

Let us help you pick the right machine to enjoy the Total Espresso experience.  

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