Rancilio Silvia M Home Espresso Machine

Brand: Rancilio
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Rancilio Silvia M Home Espresso Machine Reviews

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  • Is the Rancilio a semi-automatic? Does one have to purchase a special pod? How does it work for a Cappaccino?Is the machine one price and the potafilter another—is it necessary?

    The Rancilio Silvia is a semi-automatic, meaning that you start and stop the flow of water through the group head and coffee grinds to pull your shot.  The machine comes with a portafilter which holds a basket into which you place ground coffee.  If you want to use ESE pods, you must purchase the optional Pressurized Pod Portafilter at additional cost.  To make a cappuccino, first pull your shot of espresso and then switch the machine to steam function.  Open the steam knob to steam your milk in a frothing pitcher.

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