Lelit is a family-run industry that designs and produces coffee machines either for household or professional use. Both a long technical tradition and an advanced research and development division make Lelit an emerging company among the espresso machines producers. Design, technology, service and care for details are the main features of a company looking onward to the future.  

Lelit machine names reflect icons of history: Anna is the character played by Audry Hepburn in Roman Holiday; Anita for Anita Ekberg in Dolce Vita; Glenda, for Glenda Farrel, a famous American actress; Diana, a name used by Gina Lollobrigida at the start of her career; Grace for Grace Kelly; Victoria for Queen Victoria; Kate for Katharine Hepburn; Elizabeth for Queen Elizabeth I; Mara, for a character played by Sophia Loren; Bianca, for a character in the movie The House of the Spirits"; Fred, for Fred Buscaglione, a famous Italian actor; and finally, William, for William Blake, the poet.