Bezzera DUO V2 Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Brand: Bezzera
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Bezzera DUO V2 Double Boiler Espresso Machine Reviews

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  • How do you convert the supply to standard

    The Duo will arrive in reservoir mode. If you wish to use the machine in plumbed-in mode, you will need to install the included plug into the reservoir before connecting the machine to a water line. Attach the included braided line to the direct water inlet on the bottom of the machine. To connect, screw on the line until hand tight, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten an additional quarter turn. Attach the other end of the braided line to a cold, filtered, and softened water source. Your water pressure should be between 25-40 PSI.

    Select your water source by pressing the Bezzera logo on the top left corner of the touchscreen, followed by the gear icon to access settings mode. Scroll down using the arrows and press Water Source to select either the water reservoir or plumbed option. Press OK to save.

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